Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats For Extra Revenue

This post will help you earn extra Gold, Silver and Command Points easily. You may not call these as cheats, but if you do it properly, you may use some weaknesses for your own profit.

There are some basic rules in the game, such as; you always need Gold. Gold can be converted to any other source, can be used to recruit new heroes and more. You already know about it. What you don't know is; how to generate it easily. Marvel Avengers Alliance cheats will make your game experience more entertaining.

First of all, assess an achievement for yourself. Let's just say; we wish to recruit Hulk. You need 90 command points to recruit him. That makes 45 gold. If you're looking for an easy way to generate that much gold, please take a look at our Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack Download page, it could make things easier. If you still don't know what our hack tool does, please refer to this article.

If you don't want to use any software, please follow these tips and cheats, but you'll earn that much gold much more slowly. Try not to be bored until you achieve your goal.

Command Points Cheat

Use Critical Hits as Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats

First of all, you need a "Blaster" class hero. Iron Man could be a cheap and effective choice. Go to the previous missions, which you already completed before. You can try the 1st chapter missions, because you can easily handle them now, since you are beyond the required level for them. Take a look at the mission details, before you enter it, try to find "Bruiser" class rivals. Why? Because bruisers are weak against blasters. That means, you can perform critical strike hits with more chance.

Always put on a "Blaster" suit as your agent's apparel. Thus, your agent will perform critical hits as well.

Why are we focused on critical hits? Because the more critical hits you perform, the more chance you have to gain extra command points. When you hit an enemy with a critical strike, he/she drops some special items. Such as; Unstable ISO, Frag Grenade, Focus Patch, Command Points. This is why we are back to the old missions. Your rivals are weak in old missions, comparing your high level agent and other recruits. So play the already finished missions over and over again to make your foes drop some command points.

Also, when you kill the boss of a chapter, you get to play the slot game which provides you the chance to earn 1, 3 or 5 Command Points.

So, keep playing the old chapters and missions to earn more command points.

Killing More Bosses Could Be a Fine Command Points Cheat

Mini Boss and Boss, as you probably know, come up at the end of each mission. Killing them will take you to the slot game which can get you extra command points. As the result of the slot, you earn some rewards. Such as weapons, grenades, patches and a pack of command points. As we said before, you may gain 1,3 or 5 command points suddenly. You should always seek to use your strongest recruit against the bosses. That means more critical hits.

Silver Cheat

Complete More Flight Deck Operations to Gain Extra Silver

Marvel Avengers Alliance lets you cheat itself in some cases. Let us remind you our hack, which can grant you more silver easily. Please go to this page to download it.

Try to get more flights to send your recruits to operations. Whenever your flights come back to the deck, you earn silver. Also, the higher levels your recruits have, the more silver you gain from each operation. For example; if you have Iron Man at level 8 and Black Widow at level 5, you should prefer Iron Man. Because, Iron Man will make much more silver.

You may not consider those tips as Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats, but most people don't know about them. So please keep your focus. You'll get to the top if you always care about it.

Long Distances Won't Make You More Silver

Don't be fooled by the long distance rewards. If you send your recruits to a distant city, you'll make much money, that's true. But it'll take 24 hours. At level 7, Iron Man makes 1440 silver at the longest distance in 24 hours. But if you send him for the shortest distance over and over again, you'll make at least 8000 silver in 24 hours. You can send more recruits as you build up a bigger deck and have more recruits. So you can easily make 30.000 silver by sending 4 heroes on flight deck operations.

Hope this article helps you and hope you like our Marvel Avengers Alliance cheats and tips.

Earn more and reach the higher rankings.