What is Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack?

You are probably feeling suspicious right now. Because you think there is no way to sneak into a big companies' sources. But you are absolutely wrong. We'll go deep into Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack and it's basic protocols.

We don't want to confuse but let us clarify your doubts with a few explanations, which will satisfy you before you use our hack safely.

You probably hear cheat engine. It is now everywhere on the internet. Users think it is really easy to use that tool, but the fact is; it's not. You have to choke in codes, languages and other user-enemy stuff. This is why we created Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack, it is specifically designed for the game and you don't have try to find the right code or you don't have to learn any program language. In this instance, our software can hack the memory of the game but it can also hack the swf raw code. It uses the same protocol as cheat engine, sneaks into the system codes and simply searches for "Gold" or "Command Points" or any other chosen source. Whenever it finds the codes, Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack changes the available data at that moment. Thus, you can use the new and updated sources for your own good.

How Can You Use It?


You can refer to our video tutorials or if you like reading, we'd like to take you to our article tutorial. Even a dummy can easily use it, no extra knowledge is required. If you can use Mouse and Keyboard, you'll do just fine. Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack is really user-friendly, all the complicated details are covered with a charming and funny interface. You just need to enter the amount of sources that you wish to add to your account.

Before you go to our tutorial pages, here is a simple abstract;

  • Just open the game on Facebook.
  • Run our hack tool.
  • Synchronize Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack with Facebook by clicking "Connect" button.
  • When you see the successful connection, start entering your desired amount of sources(Gold, Silver etc.).
  • Click "Start" button and wait for the program to work. When the your sources are added, you'll get a notification which alerts you to refresh your Facebook page.
  • Refresh your page and you'll see your sources updated.

If you need proof, please click here and watch our videos. It'll also be a simple tutorial and guide you throughout the process.


  • Processor:Windows or Mac
  • Micorosft NET Framework 4.0
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Facebook Account With Marvel Avengers Alliance Application

You are free to use a fake Facebook account if you're still worried about your own account's safety. Test it, see it work and you can use it for your own acc. later.

Is Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack Safe to Use?

Yes, it completely is. Because we put some limitations in it. These limitations prevents the user to add unlimited sources suddenly. It allows you to add max. ;

  • 100 Gold
  • 50.000 Silver
  • 100 Command Points
  • 1000 S.H.I.E.L.D. Points

each time. And it doesn't work more than 3 times a day. That means; you can't use 4 times a day, otherwise you'll see an error message or your sources will remain the same. We have to use this prevention, otherwise the game servers can easily notice the huge increase of players' sources. This will result in Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack to be avoided. Meaning; we have to release a new one as soon as we can. But we assure you, it is really hard to implement a completely new system to a software. So let's all be careful and keep our hack alive.

For the record, Marvel Avengers Alliance Hack never asks you for your password or e-mail. It has nothing to do with your personal information. You can rest assured. If you downloaded a hack from somewhere else and if it asks/forces you to enter your password or e-mail, please remove that program from your system as soon as you can. It probably is a malicious software, it can harm your computer and your personal information. So always stick to our website, stay safe.